Basic Principles

Pilates focuses on seven key principles:

1.Centering: The energy of Pilates begins with the center of your body, the deep muscles of the abdomen and the back, and it flows outward to the limbs. As you develop stability and centering in your core you become better at coordinating movements throughout your entire body and you are able to move more efficiently and gracefully.

2.Fluid Movement: Pilates focuses on the connectedness of your entire body by using smooth and fluid movements during exercises.

3.Concentration: Concentration allows you to focus on what each muscle in your body is doing. By being aware of your body in an attentive manner you are able to use your mind to reeducate your body.

4.Breathing: Pilates movements are initiated with proper breathing. Deep breaths calm the mind and help to replenish the body.

5.Alignment: When the body gets out of alignment it affects both movement and posture. Pilates exercises help to improve your postural alignment through proper breathing, alignment of the spine, and strengthening of deep core muscles.

6.Precision: Pilates emphasizes quality-over-quantity and doing exercises with precision since each individual movement affects the entire body.

7.Control: Applying the foundational principles of Pilates allows for complete muscular control during exercises and provides awareness from head to toes.

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